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5 Star Reviews:

These guys are like an artist!

A friend of mine that manages a body shop recommended No Dents for a couple of dents I had on my truck. I was just AMAZED by the way my truck turned out. These guys are like an artist! I was very happy with their work!


I highly recommend this company

I Have had work done by 2 different people from No Dents. I am very satisfied with both jobs performed. Very professional and honest men. I highly recommend this company.


An absolute lifesaver

New to paintless dent repair I am a self proclaimed perfectionist and non-diagnosed OCD sufferer. This being said, While washing my New 2015 Sierra this weekend I found 2 small quarter sized dings along with scuffs in the drivers door. I was absolutely sick all weekend over it and then came across Bobs ad on Google! An absolute lifesaver.. His service and professionalism far exceeded my expectations! Absolutely no sign of any issue ever in affected door panel.. Impressed and appreciated beyond what bill reflected. Thanks again Bob. Signed, Customer for life but hopefully not too often 🙂


I would recommend these guys to anyone.

“No Dents! Great work, great service, I would recommend these guys to anyone.” -T Rollsgraphs


Like to thank all the guys at No Dents for stepping up and doing a great job

I would like to thank all the guys at No Dents for stepping up and doing a great job. I am the owner and this may be off to leave a company review but… I was attending a Mobile Technicians Expo which left my other techs with an increased work load. With all the positive comments about promptness and quality of repairs accomplished in my absence I would just like to say thanks for a job well done. Great guys, great service, great technicians!


I would recommend PDR for any type of dent repair

Met you through an online search for my area and was a great choice. I was quoted fairly and the work was completed professional and quickly. I would recommend PDR for any type of dent repair! That dent is gone!


Fast personable and very professional service

We have to give you a 5***** Star rating for the excellent work he did. Fast personable and very professional service. Cannot find where dent was before arriving here at the house. It was a pleasure doing business with you and would definitely recommend your services and use again. Thank you!!


Awesome paintless dent repair

I met you through craigslist. You did awesome paintless dent repair in my area. Many years experience working for various dealerships and body shops around here. I have a half dollar size ding in my passenger driver side. He fixed it right on the spot in less than 30 minutes. I can safely say he did a great job. Highly recommended for all dings, dents, and hail damage.


Completely removed both dents. I was amazed.

First experience: I had a lousy and careless neighbor one day decide to open her door and dent my driver’s door. I was so bummed out. My car is a deep blue and that dent stuck out so bad I did not even want to drive it. I searched around for a dent repair guy and came across your dent removal company. Let me tell you, this pdr guy is a real professional at this. He is very honest and his customer service is a high 10 in my book. He pulled that dent out. and it looked as though it never happened. I’m back on the road again. : ) Second experience: This time my 2004 Honda Element was towed to the dealer recently to have a clutch installed. So, because my car would not go into any gears, the guys decided to push it in the bay causing two dents along the tailgate. The dents were on a body line which made me think that there was no way for this to be repaired. He made an appointment with me. I tell ya, he spent about 45 min and completely removed both dents. I was amazed. He is professional and cares about his customers. There are not to many people out there like him, Period. Highly recommended! Thank you!


This is exceptional work

This is the 2nd 2013 vehicle you worked on for me. Both times 5 out of 5 stars!! Professional mobile PDR service at a very reasonable rate. Granted, the quarter panel was not restored to factory curves, but Paul gave a good effort (2 hrs) and I am pleased with his skills. I blame my trade and OCD for grading the result at 80% restoration – primarily as the curves do not align with the bumper’s. For most, this is exceptional work and I doubt shops can do better without resorting to bondo. Looks like he may have slipped and chipped off a minuscule spot of paint on the tip of the body above the tail light. Not a big deal, can be retouched. Highly recommended.